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Welcome to Masters of the Quad

Live and uncut, from Sherman Hall, comes four guys, forced under one roof, to share adventures and shenanigans. Lynk, the ambitious rationale, Rybo, the restless fun seeker, Mr. Jones, the concern causer, and Silent Mike, the mad scientist, share their thoughts and journeys in a way not meant to be seen by mankind.

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Digital Lore Teaser

01 Nov 2006

A Long, long time ago

After over a year of being inactive, Masters of the Quad has a sudden update? What happen?

It is quite evident that someone set up us the bomb. Masters of the Quad is dead. Long dead. Been dead since October 25th, 2005. My humble apologies.

Enough about that. Let's get down to business. I've begun work on a new webcomic project. This one is much broader, much bigger, and much better than MotQ. Plus, I have much more time to work on it, now that I'm out of college. The teaser strip for Digital Lore has now been posted. Keep your face glued to the screen.

23 Sep 2005


I understand MOTQ was on the top ten Roster for a few days a while back. Then, for a duration, we were around 24th place or so. Heck, I took 24th place as a compliment. I look now, and it seems as if someone may like us a little bit, as we were boosted up to an incredible 4th place.

Really though, it's not about the ratings. Sure, it's awesome being on the top ten, because we are more likely to get a couple more wandering eyes, but, to put a number on such a thing, holds no solidity compared to just knowing that people enjoy what I do.

For those of you who enjoy MOTQ, you rock. Thanks for your kind comments and support. It is my dream to do this for my life's work, and I know I'm just starting out, and it's a little jaggy, but I am glad I am already pleasing viewers. I hope to evolve.

Anyways, thanks everyone!

22 Aug 2005


It's been oh so long! All the strips before this one? Forget about them! Well, don't forget about them. Please, don't. This is the new Masters of the Quad, and this is the way it was meant to be! I'm excited to finally release this.

I was almost afraid I wasn't going to have Internet today. I just moved back into my dorm room. As long as I am connected to the great and mighty Intertron, you will get updates every monday. Once things really start to get cracking, I will upgrade this, but for now, I'm in college, and it's my last, and probably toughest semester.

Anywho, I thank all of you for viewing, and I appreciate any comments!

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